U.S. Custom and Border Protection / Global Entry at RFD

As this airport has the title that it is an international airport, there works a customs service, which is provided to have an ability to handle international passengers as well. Global Entry service is available there. However, a passenger cannot find scheduled passenger flights from a foreign country. The passenger number increases every year, and this is why the newest trends must be implemented to catch up with the other airports. This system allows passengers not to stand in a row and avoid additional checkings, and leave behind. It consumes less time, due to this, the flight is by far more manageable. Automatic kiosks are there to serve passengers and decrease the amount of time they need.

However, there are not many passengers who own this badge, as this information is not widespread. The United States allows passengers to achieve this badge quickly. The rules are that every passenger has to present a real ID, a particular machine will check this document and its validity and then dependent on the answer passengers can finish security procedures, or they will be denied. However, a passenger who has a permanent resident card, he/she can achieve this status as well. These documents will be reviewed by TSA agents and by a machine as well, and according to the answer, they can avoid furthermore checking, which will be beneficial for them.

No one knows what happens in the future. If there is some unusual or emergency, each passenger has to be prepared and answer each question from TSA agents with honesty and responsibility. If they do not get candid, problems will not be solved.

Baggage Claim and Meeting Points at RFD

Concerning the baggage claim, they are located in a terminal. Areas can be easily found. However, each passenger must know that each airport may have different regulations about the weight of luggage, and not to have problems, and they have to check it in advance. They may have to throw their items away or pay additional fees, which is not beneficial for anyone. It is common knowledge that airports do not differ, but in practice, there are many differences due to their terms of policy, or rules.